Back in the Saddle Again (again)

ImageSo It’s been a tough year.  I got fired (from a job I hated anyway) in March, and I’ve been out of work till last week. So now I have a potentially great job, one which offers substantial income, challenge and overall satisfaction.  I celebrated by returning to the cycle room.  I’ve been dabbling in it, riding 90-minute sets on two straight days in November, but I really haven’t been going (or posting) with regularity.  And the waistline shows it. 
    I was off work today–another unfamiliar perk of a real job: time off for holidays.  Woke up early enough to quick shave and wash the hair before donning cycle shorts and hustling a gym bag out the door.  Checked the instructor on the website when I was brewing coffee; saw Renee’s name, but it didn’t register any alarm bells.  I got to the gym and started going thru my warm-ups: leg stretchers, ab crunches, etc. 

Aerosmith shuffled onto my iPod while walking into the cycle room: “Back in the Saddle,” perfect.  Then I saw Renee and I remembered.  She’s a part of the cadre of women of a certain age cycle instructors employed by 24Hr fitness.  She’s enthusiastic, friendly and just doesn’t have that certain indefinable something that makes me want to work out.  Her issue today was music. She played LAYLA by Derek and the Dominoes (Eric Clapton).  The full MOR radio version, all the way thru, including the iconic piano closing sequence.  7 plus minutes of inconsistant (or no) beat.  She also played two torch songs by Adele and Styx’s “Blue Collar Man.”  The last time I liked THAT tune, I was drinking underage in a hole in the wall called the Carpet Club in Massachussetts as a pimple-faced high-schooler in 1979. 

I never broke a real sweat.  I kept looking around to see if anyone cared, but they were all just churning atop their bikes, looking straight ahead and following Renee’s FM radio lead.  I considered speaking up, or making a discreet trip up to grab some paper towel, and asking her to take a vote on the music.  But I didn’t.  And that’s the thing about Renee, she just doesn’t invite engagement.  Diane B. at Balboa carries on a running dialogue, filled with wisecracking and back and forth with her classes.  She also plays classic rock, but she finds the hip-hopped versions of them.  She found a great extended beats version of the Doors’ “L.A. Woman,” and I enjoy that one. 

Anyway, overall, it’s good to be back.  I have more regular hours, now that I’m not sucking waste in the car business.  So working out should be more time-available, in the parlance of our times.  Later.


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