Jumble Jumble

Kind of an uneven week.
Started with a no-show from Jeff B. on Sunday at Imperial. Made it down early enough to be in the middle of the Pass Getter regular pack. Even had time enough to pick a bike and set it up before the pass disbursement at 7 am. So, after an hour of warm up stretches and ab machine crunches, I went in to assume the position. Eight o’clock came and no Jeff B. We all continued our warm up spinning, hopeful and expectant. His bike was in position, probably pulled there by one of the long time regulars. At five minutes past the hour, one of the ladies dismounted and walked out of the room. Five minutes after that, she came back in and started packing her shit. Then she tilted her bike up on its wheels and rolled it back into the far corner. No announcement was ever made. But we all knew the score. About eight of us stayed bravely spinning. I added resistance and even did some interval work, including a couple of standing runs. But it felt ridiculous. The lights were all on, and we just all grimly ground it out. It wasn’t the same; much like sex while wearing a condom. I wished I had a patch cord for my iPod. Like Buddy Holly, I might’ve jumped onstage to lead the show. But maybe not. It’s an extrovert’s deal to lead a class like that. The girl at the desk said “car trouble” when I asked why Jeff B. hadn’t made it.

Monday was better. Caught Tiffany’s set at Balboa. She worked us all pretty hard. My shins actually started sweating. Think of that: the thin layer of skin covering the shin bones puts out perspiration. Now that’s working out!

Tuesday was blah again. Steve K.’s 8 am set at Rancho SD drew a total of 8 people. He still went for it, but he didn’t give his usual spiel about how his class is different from others. He worked hard and kept up a running monologue, but it seemed like he was working out to work out, not to lead a class that was mostly non-existent.

Wednesday was a downer. The only 7:30 class in the county (Imperial) was booked up 2 weeks ago. So I couldn’t work out in Cycle class after work.

Thursday was a little better. Went up to Miramar and got the last pass at 7 pm for the class that was starting right at that moment. Walked in and got the last bike: a broke dick machine, right in front of the instructor, first row, with no mirror view of my form, no toe clips on the pedals and a seat post set screw on the bike frame that was stripped out and wouldn’t tighten. Still gave it a full-tilt effort. The instructor, Tom, came over and tried to help on the seat post issue by taking one of a totally broken bike off to the side. He was trying to lead the class and help out as well, so I didn’t bother correcting his mis-guided effort. It wasn’t the post that was defective, it was the threads in the frame mounting for the set screw. A few minutes later in the ride, Tom also tried to direct me to lower the handle bars. I always ride with them riding on top of the headset set screw. I like riding almost upright.

“It’s good, leave it,” I said gruffly to Tom.

“Ooookay,”  he replied.

Still got an okay ride in. Told the desk clerk about the two broke-down bikes on the way out.

“Okay, Josuay is coming in tomorrow,” he replied, “I know he’s working on the treadmills, not sure if he’ll get to the bikes or not.”

Told him I was happy to be able to walk in at the last minute and get a pass.

“This is the only location where you can do that,” I said.

It’s true. He grinned happily. Hope that little positive input will translate to Josuay getting to those two bikes.


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