New Favorite

I really like the Imperial Ave 24Hr location. It’s very clean, which must be a challenge considering all the humans sweating inside. It’s one of the most fully populated locations.

Its popularity sometimes makes it challenging. Drove down there yesterday morning to catch Jeff B.’s 8 a.m. set. Got there at 7:53 a.m. and found the lobby full  of familiar faces. The whole crew was there: Whoop Dogg, the Blonde Housewife, the super skinny Asian Guy, the Obese Black Couple and 6 or 7 other regulars. Told the desk girl my name so she’d write it down on the priority chart. Ended up snagging the last pass that wasn’t reserved. Guess I’ll have to start getting there at 6:30. I refuse to pay another reservation fee, especially on the one day I’m guaranteed off from work.

One class I do and will continue to reserve is the 7:30 Monday class with Nicole at Imperial. Walked through the gym door at 7:20 and had to fight my way through the Zhumba departees while climbing stairway to classroom at 7:28. Nicole brought some new music tonight. Kind of embarrassing to get singled out while she did her usual pass  collection walk-thru at 8:03.

“Looking good right here!” she yelled into her mike while pointing at me. Was a foot away from her at the time.

She led us through some seated ladders tonight. She did bring us up to standing during several drills, but the emphasis was on seated power climbs and lighter resistance sprinting in the saddle. Had  sweat beads forming and running down my biceps. And that’s good.

Tomorrow night, I need to finally take on Cody’s class at Mission Valley Ctr again. Been putting it off, calling in and moving my reservation back and back again. Not tomorrow. It’s gonna be on.


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