Night and Day

So good to catch Sandy’s set last night, 7:30 pm. That little guy rocks it hard. He changed his game a little last night, but still had us breathing heavy by the halfway mark.

“Come on, bitches!” he yelled into his headset mike, “get dirty with me!”

And we did. He brings so much energy to the room, it’s hard not to grin like an idiot when he’s up there calling us all out and driving us by example. He’s so light on the pedals, he could easily go another hour. Apparently a friend of his returned to class last night, because he made repeated reference to the “crazy bitch is back,” etc. while looking over to a new female I never saw before. Whatever it was, he was on fire and it was a treat. He told us after the set–while we pushed our bikes across the hardwood against the wall–that he’s gone next week. I went down and tried to sign up for his first class back–two weeks in the future–and it’s already full! The man is truly a rock star.

Woke up this morning with the tickling urge to make Annette’s 5:30 am set at Mission San Diego. That’s over by the stadium and directly on the way to work. So I thought I could make it there–catch her class–and still make it to work on time. But I dawdled actually getting out of bed and it cost me. Didn’t make it into the cycle room till 5:50 am. Still got sweaty, and had the added bonus of watching a fine pair of sweats slowly slip downwards in front of me. Nice.  Annette was typical. She kept the lights all the way up, and it was very bright. Guess that helps keep us from going back to sleep, but who can sleep at 85 rpms? Overall, not a bad workout. Just have to resolve to make it there on time.


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