Tiny Dancer

My true Gym Dog nature–submerged first by injury in the early 90’s, then buried deeper by a 10 year doomed marriage–has reared its beautifully hoary head again. If I don’t make the gym every day, it feels like a gyp.                In college, I went every day and sometimes twice. That little old gym located on Fletcher Parkway just before the drop into El Cajon is now a Barbecue joint. And we are blessed with a proliferation of much bigger gyms in every city. Time does improve some things.

Caught Tiffany’s 9:30 set at Balboa today. Was standing at the front entrance at 8:15 trying to make a phone call on behalf of a client when Tiffany herself breezed past. She looked different in daylight. It’s always interesting to see instructors on the outside. They truly are minor celebrities. They attract followings and certainly have a fan base they actively cultivate. And why not, they frequently are the reason to show up. The energy level in a Cycle class starts with the instructor. The participants also need to contribute, but the instructor has the lead.

Energy output is no problem for Tiffany.  A kinetic force of nature–she’s up and down on the bike, dismounting to demonstrate position or walk the front aisle exhorting us to push “faster!” and bopping over to her iPod to change the music to “this really cool song .”  She’s like a mini nuclear reactor.

Tiffany led us through a challenging set of ladder drills today: standing, then sitting at ascending, then descending intensity levels. She kept playing with the lights, taking them all the way down till we were practically in the dark then bringing them up to half bright. Only do I get that she was using light to control and intensify energy. At one point she saw that we were all flagging.

“Come on,” she called out, “think of something good you’re going to do today!”

“I’m going to see my dog,” she giggled.

Left right after the final drill. Tiffany was still leading them through stretching exercises when I scurried out. The object is to cool down. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to take that energy out into the rest of my day.


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