The Pure Room

I grew up parochial. Attended a Christian school where we read the KIng James Old Testament every school year and the New Testament if we had time. The Bible tells of the Israelites building a temple to God’s specifications. The temple was comprised of a series of rooms. The outer rooms were more common. The priests could give communion to the tribe members, perform public sacrificial rites and so forth in the outer chambers. But the inner room was “the holiest of holies.” Only the High Priests were allowed there.

For me–now–the Cycle Room is this holiest of holies.  It’s where I go to commune with others in our worship of the athletic rites which we hope will allow us to carry on. And it is absolutely essential that I continue to perform the rites we practise is this inner room. Wish every gym had A Pure Room: a room dedicated only to spinning, where the cycles are permanant fixtures and don’t have to be wheeled into place. However, I am very thankful that there are so many locations available which offer the worship we spinning maniacs crave.


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