When the Equipment’s Over

Typically, I ended up going into work on my 1st day off.  Had to make some client contact calls. Five days off is tough when you’ve got cases in progress.  Already decided to catch the 12:30 class at Imperial. Got stuck at work too long–as usual. Had to call down and transfer a reservation from Monday night so they’d save me a pass. It’s okay, I really didn’t want to go down for a night class when I’ve got the whole day off anyway.  

Class was slightly off from the start. The instructor was very pretty. Sharp, prim facial features, scrubbed clean skin, a wedding ring and a very low-cut Danskin top.

“My name’s Susan,” she said, “and I’m subbing for…well, I really don’t know who, (wrinkling her nose expressively) but it doesn’t matter.”

Her headset microphone started buzzing and we started hearing about every fourth word. She jiggled the headset, blew into the mike, all while walking around the room dealing with the usual housekeeping of collecting passes and seeing if anyone needed help setting up their bike. The mike stopped transmitting entirely and she tried shouting.

“Okay, I’ll just have to walk around the room and demonstrate,” she called, crouching down to show us the hover position. She was ready to discard the mike entirely, but she just didn’t have a big enough voice to fill that cavernous room. Imperial’s cycle room is a shared space, not a dedicated one. They hold Zhumba, Yoga and Body Pump classes there. It’s like a giant dance studio out of a movie, a full facing mirror wall and solid blonde hardwood floor.

Susan knew she needed the mike. She kept working with it, wiggling wires and tapping the connectors to discover the problem. All the while, the twenty of us who showed up to spin gamely kept our legs moving and the resistance gradually increasing in the saddle. Susan finally discovered the mike didn’t drop sound if she stood next to the four-foot tall Stereo/P.A. cabinet. So she pulled her bike right next to the stereo. Mounting the bike, she adjusted her headset and carried on. The mike was still a bit buzzy, but it didn’t drop whole sentences anymore.

I wore 3 shirts: a sleeveless tank under a mesh jersey and a long-sleeved baseball shirt over it all. The 3 shirts combined to make a heavy outfit. So I achieved a sweat after eighteen minutes, even with all the equipment drama. Susan pushed us pretty good. But it would’ve been a different class if she had functioning equipment behind her. As it was, she ran us through some pretty intense climbs. I kept the resistance up for her seated sprints, so that was a winner, too. I stripped down to the thin, sleeveless tank top thirty-five minutes in. Still ended the session with rivulets of sweat running off my shoulders and down my biceps. Good start to my 5 Day.


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