The Sweat Point

It’s the point in the Spin class where I break a sweat; it’s one of the main reasons I spin. Sweating is a good indicator of exercise. I’ve been mentally ticking off the point in the session where I break into sweat since I started spinning. When the sweat runs down the side of my temple onto my nose or cheek, I mentally check it off. From that point on: I figure I’m working out.  But the rooms I’m spinning in lately are all air-conditioned. It’s more challenging to break a sweat in a cold room. This morning, I got up and rushed through the routine: pack brunch and dinner after shaving and washing face and hair, get dressed, pack 3 or 4 bags (cuz I planned to spin twice) brush teeth and hurry out the door to start truck, pack truck and speed off to Balboa for 6 am Spin w?Diane B.

Got to Balboa at a quarter to 6 am. Still got a pass, which worries me, because it has potential to just make me continue being that late. I need more time to stretch and warm up, and I would like to have done some abdominal crunches beforehand, too. Anyway, carried all my stuff: two bags, my work uniform on wire hangers, into the Spin room, picked out a bike in the front row further down the line (and in front of the fan) than I’m used to. Kind of a mediocre Spin session: didn’t break a sweat till quarter after, and I had to leave at 6:30 to make it to work. Diane cracked the usual amount of jokes: Norv Turner’s contract was a target, people taking in the back row were gently chided. But I had to leave, and so I did.

Went down to Imperial Marketplace for round 2 after work. Sandy brought the show with him tonight. He was on fire. It wouldn’t have mattered what kind of energy we gave him back–though I tried to reflect my fair share his way from my usual front and left position. Sandy had us climb up through the resistance scale while seated, then, before complacency had a chance, he pulled us up to run out of the saddle, and then back down, and then the same drill all over again. We left it all on the floor tonight. He had us all up and out of the saddle and running at a level 8 resistance with 10 minutes left in the class! And he had us do 4 reps of that running 8 count.

“Only a few more,” he said after the 1st running 8. “Only a couple more,” he said after the 2nd one.

I got my sweat on at about the halfway mark, but I sweated it out for a solid half hour after that. Sandy called out some woman who was taking a break off her bike during that last drill. She was sitting on a stack of plastic mini steps for the Body Pump class.

“Get off your butt and get out of my class!” Sandy yelled at her. And then he yelled it again while pointing at her to make sure she knew who he was addressing. So she did get up and walked out the door. But then she came back into the room a few minutes later and remounted her bike. Sandy hung around the room and then out in the common area after class, talking to some of the ladies. He knew he brought it tonight, and it looked like he was happy to have them flit around him admiringly. He deserved it.


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