Coming Back Down

Got in from Baja trip last nite at 9 pm. Scenery was beautiful as always; weather was cold. Probably will not do New Years down there again. Just too cold to enjoy customary pastime of drinking and basking in sun. Pulled out the bathroom scale this am and got shocked back to reality. Seven pounds gained in last 4 days. Hardly seems possible, but if I’m going to trade in the currency of the bathroom scale, I can’t disregard its revelation of inflation. Did drink 2 cases of full-bodied Pacifico. Ate a lot of starch: sourdough bread, dinner rolls, oyster stuffing, Costco muffins, etc. My buddy Steve ordered 4 tacos, a spicy chicken sandwich, full order of jalapeno poppers last nite after we crossed the border. Listening to him, I felt licensed to follow suit, and ordered a full bag myself: Sirloin cheeseburger, full jalapeno poppers order, “new” cheesy fries and a large Oreo shake. Didn’t have to eat breakfast this am. But did feel the need to go Spin after work. Rode with Nicole at Imperial Marketplace. Still need to finish my instructor reviews,  so don’t want to spoil that, but Nicole does okay for me every Monday. She’s like a female Horseshack, same curly hair, same nasal voice, same loveable puppy dog quality. She’s another short, close to the ground female who makes it look all to easy to whip those pedals around. Got my Amazon order of Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner this am when I arrived at work. The boxes were sitting on my desk. So I popped a few throughout the day. Was really flying after five minutes of warm-up on the cycle. Nicole had us up and running for about 8 minutes to start her seat. I felt really buzzy, disconnected from the wood floor under us, floating, bouncing on the pedals. Had to remind myself to breathe so I wouldn’t pass out or something stupid like that. My worst nightmare vision of keeling over in Spin class revisited me during this floating stage. At the 8:03 marker, the sweat soaked through both my shirts and breathing was ragged. Didn’t feel so high any more. By 8:20 I was fully crashed and struggling to keep up the sprints Nicole cheerfully put us through to finish. The good thing about Imperial is the jacuzzi is right there. No need to trek over to Grossmont for a muscle soak. The jets are too low, but with some work you can still aim them against key leg muscles. Spotted something ingenious in the men’s room: toilet seats with little lips off the right side for picking the seat up by foot. Wonder why it took so long for that innovation. Nobody wants to put a hand on a toilet seat. The time saved by jacuzzi-ing in same location as spinning allowed me to blog tonite. Tomorrow will not be so lucky: no jacuzzi at Mission Valley Center.


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