Christmas Clearing…

Rain stopped last night. Sun shone whole day today. Gym closed early for Christmas Eve. Called down to Imperial and asked the clerk when they were actually closing.

“We close the doors for workout at 3 o’clock,” the guy said over the phone, ” but if you get in before 2:30 you can still get a workout in. We aren’t closing the gym down completely till four….”

It didn’t matter in the end. My son and I went on a bike ride around the lake, instead. The water is still draining out of the ground around the lake. We rode through the water streams across the road. Sonny got a little upset about the water kicked up onto his new bike frame. He must really like his new bike, ‘cuz he slowed down at every water crossing, and insisted on cleaning the dried mud off his frame and wheels when we got home.

It was truly winter at the lake. The water level is way up with the accumulation of four days of pelting rain. The marsh grass is all turned brown and it was just plain cold out there. Was glad I made Sonny put on a long-sleeved heavy Rugby shirt he likes. He still wore his Levis shorts. That kid never puts on long pants. I wore long-sleeves myself and a set of Wal-mart nylon running pants. Saw a lot of rabbits: three or four ran across the road in front of us while we rode past. Maybe the water flooded them out of their burrows. Had a nice ride. The Spin Classes have really increased my outdoor cycling abilities. Was able to accelerate up steady grades while staying in the saddle. Felt strong on the bike again. It was only ten years ago that my back was so weakened by car crashes that I couldn’t extend out over the top tube. So happy and thankful to be healthy on the bike again.

Other than that, it was a nice, low-key Christmas Eve. Grateful to spend time with Sonny. Gave him a BoSox Phiten Chain he wanted for Christmas. His favorite present is still the bike I gave him early, but he was jazzed to get the Phiten. Drove him home to his mom’s around 6 pm. It’s never ideal not to have him for a holiday, but that’s our arrangement. He tried to put a brave face on it, telling me “it was a great Christmas, dad,” as he put a smile on for me.

Fell asleep on the couch watching Hot Fuzz again after a year or so. Woke up at midnight and went for a walk on the Boulevard. Predictably, it was dead. Almost no cars on the road. Went past the neighborhood tavern. Saw only one person moving around through the big windows: the bartender closing up early. That’s good she got to go home. A bar has to be the loneliest place to be  for the Holidays.

And so I wrap up another year and put it away under the tree. Merry Christmas everyone.


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