Brett Favre, I Feel You

This morning, after 10 Consecutive Starts on the saddle, I put myself on injured reserve. Battling the flu-like symptoms* well into the night sapped all my energy reserves, making it impossible to report for game time over at College Grove with Annette @ 5:30 am. And so ends my personal best streak. But I am resolved to turn it into a positive. These last 10 days have demonstrated the possibilities offered by my unique furlough/work schedule. I plan to start the new year with a newer, longer streak of consecutive days spun in the saddle. Now, I’m going to dress for work and go to Wal-Mart for some cold medicine. Merry Christmas.

*I say ‘flu-like’ because I got a Flu Shot, and this current minor malady cannot therefore be considered to be The Flu. That is a longer streak with me: 9 years of Flu Shots & No Flu. Unlike my lamented spinning streak which ended today, the No Flu Streak remains intact.


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