A Two-fer

“A writer writes. Everyday.” so said Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From the Train.

Rode 2 classes today: one @ 9:30 am @ Balboa and a second @ 7:30 pm @ Imperial Marketplace. Took the kid w/me to Imperial. He rode for 40 minutes of the hour then called it. I was still very proud. He’s overweight and doesn’t have the stamina yet. But’s he’s working out with the pass I bought him, so that’s a start.

Tiffany was the Instructor for the morning. She rode us hard, but had “a meeting” she couldn’t be late for, so she didn’t pull the full hour. I remembered why I remembered her when she started fiddling with her 5th gen Nano and telling us she couldn’t shuffle on it. That must be why she bought the new touch-screen Nano that I remember her having so much trouble with during the first class I rode with her. She couldn’t get that one to fall in line either.  She got some tunes out of this “old” Nano and pushed us pretty good. She pitted back row against the front and a couple of other fun exercises. She’s always extremely chatty. Today’s theme was Christmas. She asked for a show of hands: who was done with Christmas shopping? Then she told us she was going to have to start avoiding the Mall scene. Some 17-year-old guy tried to ask her out at the Mall. Twenty minutes earlier, she casually mentioned she had a kid. She looks like a Sorority Girl–who gets up and runs 5 miles in the morning and never eats any empty calories. She’s a little tiny Sprite with a little girl’s body. And she expressed disbelief that young boys are hitting on her.

“Now if he’d been 25..” she smirked, “but 17? That’s just disgusting! I don’t even want to think about it.”

Tiffany spent a lot of time off the bike today, pacing in front of us, gesticulating and shouting at us to go FASTER a la Richard Simmons in his Hey.  I did feel worked when I left the room. I went in early. I wanted to get a self-port pic for the background/sidebars. But I didn’t bring a suitably fierce outfit, so I scrapped that plan. Went home and took a nap, instead.

Nicole held court at Imperial tonight. She’s a little tiny energy ball herself. She played somewhat better music tonight. Sometimes, she plays tunes that have difficult treble beat patterns, e.g. “Tuh-dum-dum, Tuh-dum-dum” instead of just the basic “dum-dum-dum” beat patterns. The basic pattern is more conducive to a strong work-put in my opinion. The regulars there are mostly women, though Flo & Eddie, the older black couple which also rides with Jeff B. on Sundays, were there as well. I wore my white Reebok mesh football jersey. I realized some time ago that I dress fairly gay for Spinning. I also decided not to allow myself to worry about it.

Nicole always has a challenging hill climb as part of her routine. She made us ride it standing–for 10 minutes at a level 9 intensity. I loved it. My kid sat down for some parts of it, and that’s okay. Nicole pushed us all the way to then end.

“I need you to leave here,” she said sternly as she brought us up out of the saddle with only 10 minutes of class time remaining.

I don’t do 2 classes on the same day often. My work furlough schedule allows me 5 days off about every other week. When I get a weekday off, I indulge in things I have to squeeze in throughout the working week. Spinning, for example. I used to go over to Rancho San Diego and ride two classes back to back: John and then Haitham. But that’s too heavy. This way is much more manageable. I’ll definitely do it this way again.


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