My friend Ed from Grossmont Sunday morning class warned me about this lady. Sitting in the Jacuzzi one Sunday after Spin class, Ed started talking about some of the instructors. Some of the guys were okay, he allowed, but “that little girl” Julie “nearly killed” him. Ed was verbalizing the concept of  Butt Kicker. Typically, I didn’t listen. I saw Julie listed on the schedule at College Grove for a 5:30 pm class on a day when I’d already ridden a class earlier in the morning. I moved my life around, dropped the kid off at his moms, and headed back to the gym for another spinning class. Julie is a tiny little thing, the most dangerous type of female Instructor. They’re carrying less body mass, and are closer to the pedals. Halfway through Julie’s class, I was in pain. My feet were hurting. I wore Vans back then, and I simply had nothing left in the tank. Julie is relentless. Her patter consists of exhorting the cyclists in front of her to work harder–telling them they can lose up to a thousand calories if they only work harder. She leads by example, and she’s tough to keep up with. Rates a solid 5 on the Butt Kicker Scale.


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