Heather fooled me at first. I caught her ride at Mission Valley Center, where she was subbing for Cody. She wasn’t really on that night, and it was difficult to achieve a full work-out. The next time, she was subbing again. I did a mental eye roll when I saw her name listed on the schedule. But Mission Valley Center is my only option for a 7:30 pm ride on Tuesday nights after work. So I went. And Heather surprised me with a good, tough ride. She mentioned she broke her toe at the starting line, and had to pull up out of the pedal a few times. But the mere fact she rode at all impressed me. She’s also cute, a little too young for me, of course. Unlike some of the other women, she’s got curves: a muffin top, full hips and healthy upper torso. She’s the girl next door of the women instructors.  I rode with her at Hillcrest last week. She was on the ellipticals when I walked in an hour early. She stayed there till it was class time, then led a ride that was so strenuous I found myself getting light-headed. Rates a 4 on the Butt Kicker Scale.


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