Diane B.

This lady is ferocious. She works mostly out of Balboa, and early in the am. She lobbied and got a class scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. Those of us who showed up were treated to a 75 minute extended version of her regular routine. She’s older, probably about my own age, and matches my 6 foot height as well. Up on the raised platform, she towers over us, cracking jokes about the Chargers, Raiders and Lakers. She’s a big sporthead. Her routines are fun, and competitive. She pits the back row against the front row for some of her drills. If enough guys show up, she’ll make it guys against girls. She’s tought as nails and really digs what she does. That goes a long way.  “What’s good?” she asked one morning. “Number 85 playing this Sunday against the Raiders. What’s bad? Not being able to do this anymore.” Amen, sister. Rates a solid 4.5 on the Butt Kicker Scale.


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