I’m conflicted on Barbara. She’s certainly worthy of her position. But she’s capable of more than she puts out. She did one grueling hill-climb drill in the entire 4 months of Sundays I rode her class. I went up and enthused about how it really pushed us. She never did it again. So, obviously, she didn’t want to encourage the 6 foot, creepy serial stalker in her class. I don’t know, in the end, she was just another disappointment. If I seem to be taking it hard, maybe it’s like when the child surpasses the parent. Barbara brought me into the Spinning World. I just wanted her to challenge me to keep getting better. Instead, she played to the grannies in the class and I left in search of the next level. Doesn’t really rate a 3 on the Butt Kicker Scale, but I’ll give it to her for sentimental reasons.


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